Visiting the Locations of Game of Thrones – Part 1

The final season of Game of Thrones is fast approaching and it’s set to be one of the biggest events in TV history, with people all over the world tuning in to find out who will take the iron throne once and for all. Since the show first aired it has taken the world by storm, the books have become some of the biggest sellers on the shelves and there are already talks of a possible four spin-off series’ once it meets its conclusion. The show has set a new precedent for quality by creating an absolutely believable world, with its own lands and monsters. The creators have managed to utilise history not only to create an exciting story but also to show us that story, and though there may not be any dragons, giants or armies of the undead, you can still go and visit many of them and see their majesty in person.

King’s Landing is the seat of power in Westeros, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms and the home of the iron throne. As such much of the story takes place in this city and one of the major locations used as its setting is Dubrovnik in Croatia. There are plenty of walking tours you can book and take where you’ll be filled on exactly where everything takes places. The site of the purple wedding, a moment that left many of both elated and terrified at the same time, the streets that Circe Lannister took a particular walk of ‘shame’ down along with many other sites of betrayals and deaths that are such common place in the capital. It really is a must for any Thrones fan, that being said even if you aren’t it’s still an absolutely stunning place that will be enjoyed with or without the betrayals. Dubrovnik is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, retaining much of its medieval and renaissance architecture through restoration attempts. The city boasts a wide array of landmarks including the Mincenta Tower which was the filming location for the House of the Undying, in which Daenrys had to retrieve her dragons.

When looking on the sunny and picturesque sites of King’s Landing it can be easy to forget the “winter is coming”. So, let’s leave the gorgeous sites of the Mediterranean and take a look at the blistering cold depths north of the wall. One of the most mysterious places in the Game of Thrones series, beyond the wall lies all sort of wild people, monsters and creatures with unnatural powers. It is here that the wildlings live, seemingly barbaric men and women cast out of the civilised world and waiting for their chance to return. There are monstrous spiders, mammoths and even giants here, though none of those compare to the greatest menace of all, the White Walkers. This is an army of undead soldiers lead by the stoic Night King who seemingly aims to overthrow the world.

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