Top Sites from the American Revolution – Part 2

Boston Freedom Trail – The Boston Freedom Trail is not one but sixteen different sites that lie on a 2.5 mile path that runs through downtown Boston. Each sight holds historical significance, many housing important people and events that would lead to the revolution. You can see the Old South Meeting House where people gathered on December 16, 1773 just before they acted out the Boston Tea Party. You’ll see the site of the Boston Massacre, an event that helped stoke the flames of rebellion in 1770. The home of Paul Revere can also be seen on the trail, an American patriot well known for his catchphrase “The British are coming!”. After seeing all the great spots on the path you’ll end at Bunker Hill Monument where you can hear some great talks about the battle and the area and if you’re luck you might even get to fire a musket.

Valley Forge – Once the base site for the Continental Army, Valley Forge is now an excellent place to go to learn all about the conditions that those people had to go through. Due to a lack of funding from congress the army had very little in the way of supplies and the winters in particular were extremely harsh times for these people even without the battles. You’ll be taught all about these conditions and the lives of the soldiers through reconstructed huts, tents and reenactors in an immersive environment that really gives you a good depiction of what it might have been like.

Saratoga Battlefield – For those who are really interested in the battles that took place during the War of Independence then Saratoga Battlefield is a great spot to see the grounds of one of these sights looking virtually the same as it did in 1777. The sight has several spots of interest that ware well posted, things like fortifications and redoubts. Seeing the uneven land will really put into perspective how difficult moving about artillery might have been as well as giving you a sense of a scale for the skirmish. The area itself is also extremely picturesque so be sure to take it all in and don’t forget your camera.

Jacob Ford Mansion – The Ford Mansion in Morristown, New Jersey is one of the oldest house museums in the United States and from 1779-1780 was also the headquarters of George Washington. The house wasn’t just occupied by Washington but also his wife Martha, five aide-de-camps, one of those being Alexander Hamilton, along with a further eighteen servants. There were even times the guards took over parts of the house as well as visiting dignitaries. On visiting today, you will find the place is furnished to look as may have done then. The experience doesn’t end there though, they also host excellent tours that’ll fill you in on Washington’s time in the house as well as the Ford family’s role in the war. You’ll also get to see top quality reenactors that’ll bring that history to life further.

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