Top Sites from the American Revolution – Part 1

The United States of America has grown to be one of the largest powers in the world but we don’t have to look back too far in time to see it as the little country that rebelled against the greatest naval might the world had ever seen. In 1775 we saw the start of the most important war in the country’s histories, the American Revolution. Much of USA’s ideals and beliefs, most famously it’s love of the word freedom, spawn from this decisive point in history. For those that are interested, there are many places you can visit to learn all about the events and battles that helped shape the nation and each tells a different story.

Independence Hall – Independence Hall was previously the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia and is must for anyone interested in the politics of the revolution. This hall served as a principal meeting place for the thirteen English colonies on the West Coast of America known then as the Second Continental Congress. It was here that the founding fathers met and debated whether or not to go to war and it was here that, eventually, they signed the declaration of independence. If that wasn’t enough it was also the place where Benjamin Franklin was appointed to be Postmaster General and the place where it was decided that it would be George Washington who would lead the Continental Army.

Yorktown – Yorktown, Virginia is important simply because it is the sight of the final victory for the Continental Army, the sight where General Charles Cornwallis did surrender to George Washington winning both the was and freedom for the United States of America. Visiting the sight of the battle now is an excellent way to not just learn all about the battle but the entire war. The excellent preservation of the grounds ensures that you’ll be able to picture the siege without question. There is also a wealth of information about all the facets that turned the tide for the US and you’ll learn all about the vital aid sent by the French that ensured victory.

Mount Vernon – Another great revolutionary site in Virginia is the one-time home of George Washington himself, Mount Vernon. Here you can learn all about the man and how much influence he had over the country, which is somehow even more than you’d imagine. Not only will you learn about his military and political career but about his home life, his aspirations of farm life and the strong relationship he had with his wife, the nations first, First Lady. The site also tells all about what life as a wealthy Virginia planter would have been like in the 18th century as well as the lives of the enslaved men and women used to work these fields. No detail is overlooked and there is so much to take in here that even if you know nothing of Washington you’ll leave being well versed on the man.

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