The Mystifying Intrigues of Socotra Island

If you travel 220 distinct miles off of the coast of Yemen, you will enter a world that seems to coexist within ours. As if the Socotra Island was placed here from a science fiction novel, there are a number of extraordinary sites that are exclusive to the region. You will feel as if you have journeyed to a far off place similar to the center of the earth, a parallel universe or the original Eden of the Christian bible. As you take in the scenery, you will come across strange species of living things that you have never seen or heard of anywhere else on our planet.

Island Life

There are native residents who live among the four Islands. The Soqotris people have resonated with the island for unmeasured generations.  They have remained on Socotra for so long, their bloodlines are not linked to any others in the worlds population. It is not a wealthy culture with a focus on agriculture and fishing. Without mass technology, a simpler civilization lives a modest way of life with only a few coated roads to travel on. Socotra is not a thriving tourist attraction making it the perfect place to visit. Those who are fortunate enough to travel there receive a warm welcome from the locals. Neighborly and friendly is the theme that sounds throughout the mystifying land.

Intriguing Nature

Hundreds of interesting aspects of nature exist along the Socotra Island. The trees are mushroom shaped with a diverse sense of growth patterns. Odd symmetries and gravity defying appearances are among the strange sightings reported. Various flora grow across the lands and on a variety of branches. A Dragon Blood Tree is perhaps the most famous for its enigmatic existence and brilliant red substance it delivers. Mostly covered in dry heat and desert like conditions is paired with extreme opposition in certain areas of the island. Pure white sand blankets portions of the ground while cave entrances and mountains are streamed with foggy mists throughout the day.

Suspicious Species

Suspicious Species
Suspicious Species

In the vast realm of the natural phenomenon’s are the varied species who inhabit the Island’s wild. Some have claimed there are aliens at work due to the rare animals and reptiles that have been seen. With at least 29 reptilian species, beautiful birds and creatures that are scary yet beautiful, it is proven Socotra has something special in its grasp. Whales live in the waters nearby and the beaches have oysters, crabs and an enriching number of sea life. Sea turtles and giant snakes live among the splendor with numerous other reptile residents.

Socotra Island is both pleasant and mysterious for travel enthusiasts. It is under the protected umbrella of UNESCO as developments have potentially threatened the habitat and natural systems Socotra offers. Planning a trip to the island will give you a different view of the world we live in. You will see firsthand the many reasons past visitors have deemed the region as a paradox to the present day.

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