The Ancient Sites of Bagan

Spirituality is a soulful journey. It is one that holds depth and meaning within the realms of life. For centuries, experts have unraveled truths beyond modern day belief systems. There are many religions across the world that holds a part of history in its hand. Entire civilizations were built on their spiritualistic serenities leaving us a trail of life long ago. Hinduism and Animism are noted as the oldest religions with the Buddhist culture following closely after. Buddhism was originated in Asia with a keen awareness of their surroundings. Thousands of years ago, temples were built with a special attention to detail. Each aspect of the temples had a spiritual significance. Bagan is an ancient city that was known as the Pagan Kingdom. The region of Myanmar became the largest area of Stupas, Pagodas and Temples. While most of the structures have withered through time as a result of natural erosion and inclement weather. Interestingly after all of these centuries, over two thousand still remain.

Ways to See Bagan

The paragon of Bagan lasted for centuries until 1287 when the Mongols took over the area during their long list of conquests. The sense of the Pagan City never lost its mystical ambiance. In the thick of the trees stands a historic site. Open to visitors, Bagan is a defined treasure in our world.

Touring the Temples– With so many Temples to visit, expect to spend some time navigating through for a complete tour. If you are short on days, the wonders can still be experienced. The tours take place in the archaeological zone and there are rules to know before you enter this sacred space. To support the efforts, a small fee is taken. Respecting the Temples are imperative as they continue to be a place of worship and tribute. Modest clothing must accompany the removal of your shoes. Behavior is expected to greet nature and spirituality with the highest regard.

Ways to See Bagan
Ways to See Bagan

Balloons in Bagan– Get a front sky seat while you take in the breathtaking scenery of Bagan. Hot air balloon rides across the region is offered for travelers and locals. It is not as frugally focused as the tour, however if the accommodations fit your circumstances, it will be the experience of a lifetime. The overview of Bagan has the sunrise as a backdrop with a plethora of fresh air and beauty as far as the eye can see.

Biking through Bagan– A day or two (or three) in the realms of majestic nature is a wonderful time to spend quiet moments within the ancient culture. Battery operated bikes are available to step away from the crowd and venture on a personalized journey at your own pace. It will take a little longer than a typical tour, yet it is worth every minute. You will have a guidebook and a daytime schedule to help you to stay on track.

Bagan structures are stoic and integral. They continue to remind us of a lost time that honored understanding and a reverence for nature. Your visit will enchant your mind while you witness a true part of history.

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