Man-made Feats to See in This Lifetime

The world around us is simply amazing and it is worth visiting. Our planet has beautiful landscapes that leaves us without breath. But besides the natural wonders, the humanity managed to create some marvelous wonders over the time. We have all heard about the 7 wonders of the Ancient world. […]

How to Plan a Trip Around the World

This is the ultimate journey for a travelholic. Taking a trip around the world is a great way to spend that very long break from school or work. The fun of seeing all the wonders of the world can help you ease off the stress you’re going through. But just […]

Top Panoramic Views to See All Over the World

There are numerous gorgeous sights to see all over this amazing planet that we call home, here are a few of the top panoramic views that you should see! Zhangye Danxia Geopark in China People that spend much time on Instagram, and also geology and nature lovers will be attracted […]

Fascinating Museums to Visit This Year

Are you planning on visiting a museum this year? Check out our collection of some interesting museums from across the globe. Le Louvre, Paris, France The Louvre is one place you can visit every year and still find something new on each visit. The Museum was formerly a fortress and […]

Seven Magnificent Ruins Around The World

Want to tour the world for some good old ruins? Come on board as we take you through seven sites you need to have on your checklist. Roman Baths You must have heard so much about the Roman bath built with an impressive roman technology that is used for our […]

Beautiful Architecture Spots to See Around the World

Are you intrigued by great architectural masterpiece? Come on board as we take you through some of the most amazing architectural masterpieces across the globe. You will need this list the next time you are looking to hit the road and tour the world. This is not a list of […]