China’s Immortal Terracotta Army – Part 2

As time went on Qin Shi Huang became obsessed with living forever, the thought of dying terrified him. He was determined to find the ‘elixir of life’ in order to achieve immortality and was desperate for his scholars and alchemists to find him something that would defeat this inevitability and […]

Chinas Immortal Terracotta Army – Part 1

We each hope that once we inevitably perish from this world that we will be remembered for the things we’ve done. For many a legacy is the most important thing one can strive for, whether through good deeds, power or a family name, it’s the only way to really achieve […]

India’s Fatehpur Sikri

India is truly one of the most majestic countries in the world, each year thousands of backpackers visit the country in order to see its culture, its astonishing wildlife and its fascinating history. It is the second most populated country in the world and as such is home to people […]

Ancient History in Ethiopia

As with many of countries residing in the continent of Africa, Ethiopia is perhaps best known for its natural beauty but did you know it actually plays host some significant manmade structures that tell tales of a great civilisation now lost to time? It is in the historic city of […]

All Roads Lead to Rome – Part 2

The Pantheon The Pantheon was first built around 29-18 BCE, commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the rain of Rome’s first true Emperor, Augustus. Previously a lieutenant to Julius Caesar, Agrippa later helped Augustus seize power, it was him that defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra. He was rewarded with lands in […]

All Roads Lead to Rome – Part 1

There is simply no denying the importance of the History of the city of Rome, once the home to one of the most world changing empires that we’ve ever known. To this day they are still remarked on as the “bringers of civilisation” to much of Europe. Their reach was […]

Following the Arthurian Legend – Part 3

Winchester Castle Winchester is perhaps best known as being the capital of the kingdom of Wessex in Saxon Britain but it’s also home to one of this legends most iconic artifacts, the round table, held in Winchester Castle. Of course there is no doubt that this is not the real […]

Following the Arthurian Legend – Part 2

Dozmary Pool One of the most famous events in the legend is arguably the retrieval of Arthur’s sword Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. The Lady of the Lake is said to be a fairy, one that raised Sir Lancelot. After Arthur’s sword was damaged he was advised by […]

Following the Arthurian Legend – Part 1

The great thing about history is that there is seemingly no end to it. Each country has its own bountiful source with more stories than any one one person could know. There are so many that we know definitely took place yet still for some reason the ones that stay […]

Breathtaking Russian Architecture You Must Visit

Breathtaking Russian Architecture You Must Visit

The changing face of Russia over the decades has brought with it many bold and unique architectural styles, some of which are almost lost to the ages whereas others make up the classic skyline of Russia that we still see today. The epic size of the country and prowess of […]