Important Reminders for Traveling Alone

Safety is perhaps the main concern when travelling alone. As a solo traveller, not having anyone to watch your back leaves you more vulnerable to unsavory individuals. But travelling alone can be both fun and safe. You quickly and easily blend in than when with a group. You also don’t have to worry about pulling the ‘tourist’ attention to yourself. Below are a few tips to help you stay safe while travelling alone.

Be Aware

Knowledge is key. It can empower, embolden & protect you. A thorough research of your destination before embarking on the journey is necessary. As well as an accurate understanding of the laws or currency can protect you from losing valuables or being cheated. Always have on you a valid and adequate form of identification.

Study a map before embarking on your journey. Take note of major landmarks and popular places. Find out about available accommodation, means of transportation, healthcare facilities and rules, safe hours to walk around, what happens at night, and so on. Get vaccinated against possible health problems. Know exactly how to get to your first Accommodation. Knowledge of the expected distance, time, and cost of getting to your hotel or to the city centre from the airport can help you stay safe as a single traveller.

Be Smart

Arrive During Daytime. Scheduling your arrival for the afternoon will enable you to easily locate your accommodation and get a clearer view of the environment. And in the case of a problem, you can quickly get a safe place to stay. Do all the map and transport schedule checks before you leave your hotel or tourist office. Walking about with maps in your hand and your face in a guidebook can make you a target for scammers. Try not to appear like a stranger or a tourist. Be sure of your destination. Be confident and purposeful when walking. Avoid lonely or secluded places, particularly at night. Keep to only open and public places.

Expensive jewellery and flashy clothes can call attention to you. Keep those for when you’re home. Only take what you need. Walking around the city with huge cash or a credit card is not advised. It is better to go about with the few dollars you need for the day — say $50 cash — and a debit card. Travelling with valuables (anything you’ll be despondent to lose) is not advisable in the first place. But if you must carry along your expensive jewellery or gadgets, having a day bag that they can all fit in can help. Never put valuables in your general backpack, in the luggage hold on a bus or checked luggage on a plane.  A little untruth shouldn’t hurt. Instead of spelling out that you’re a tourist and alone, you could say “Please, what’s the way to the theatre? I need to meet a friend.” Remember that where you’re staying is a personal information, don’t tell it to others.

If you follow these few tips we are sure that you will have a safe and most importantly fun trip, even if you are traveling alone! Now go out and adventure!

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