How to Plan a Trip Around the World

This is the ultimate journey for a travelholic. Taking a trip around the world is a great way to spend that very long break from school or work. The fun of seeing all the wonders of the world can help you ease off the stress you’re going through. But just as you need to plan a brief weekend getaway, your trip round the world (RTW) has to be planned too. Because a trip around the world may be a bit complex to plan, we’ve provided a guide to get you started.

Make a Budget

As with every cost incurring endeavor, having a budget is a first step in planning your round-the-world trip. Have a clear picture of what it will cost you to travel the world. Working with a realistic budget can help make your trip a success.

Pick Destinations

Have a list of your itinerary. Rank your choice of destinations by interest, importance & convenience. For example, a yoga retreat in a beautiful spot around the Caribbean can help you clear your mind, better manage the stresses of life or even midlife crises.

Decide on Time and Duration

The time of the year you visit a place is very important especially if you’ve planned to participate in outdoor activities. For example, the best times to go swimming with whale sharks off Australia’s West is from April to July. Equally important is the duration of your trip as this can impact your cost and determine the kind of pass you need to apply for in the countries you intend to visit. Also, bear in mind that the duration of an RTW ticket usually spans ten days (minimum) to one year (maximum). Tweaking your departure dates a bit can result in huge savings. For instance, flying on weekdays or on Christmas day is usually cheaper.

Consult with Experts

Consulting with an expert before planning an itinerary and booking your flights can help you discover useful tips & tricks as well as pitfalls to avoid, and ultimately lead to huge savings. You can even plan not to fly all through. For instance, a least-cost fun route for a keen trekker could be to walk Peru’s Inca Trail, New Zealand’s Milford Track, Nepal’s Everest Base Camp and then travel to Australia and Northern India from Rio in Brazil. Another fun itinerary could be taking a flight to Moscow, enjoying the road views aboard a Trans-Siberian train, and then flying onward from Beijing.

Decide on Flights to Book

There are several ways to go about your journey around the world. The possible routes are numerous but an understanding of the RTW booking system will help you make your trip easier and cheaper. One of the best ways — economically — is to buy a round-the-world air ticket that utilizes a single airline alliance. For instance, you can get an RTW ticket from an alliance comprising several airlines that fly to many countries and offering over 10 stops.

The downside is that you may be constrained to begin and end your journey in the same country, travel in only one global direction (west or east) and book all flights before departure (you can alter them later at extra costs).

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