Four of the World’s Most Famous Libraries

Libraries are much more than books, shelves and weekly crafts for kids. They are paragons of information that are printed with integral value of the writer. Fiction and nonfiction are the two primary classifications you will choose from on your visit. Authors, researchers and experts collaborate intriguing information on a broad array of topics. Reading books serves as a portal to other lifetimes and worlds. Ranging from historical facts to the musings of the mind, libraries are the gate keepers of knowledge in a modern era. Around the world, there are cherished corners that hold history in its hands. Libraries that began in an ancient culture are still standing for intellectual opportunities to all who visit. The mysteries in our history are often unlocked by a remnant of belief, artifactual evidence and the writings of those who witnessed the event. The caves of our ancestors have been most influential of our understanding of earlier mankind. Drawings and ritual sites have pointed us in the direction that separates the truth from myth. Certain libraries offer a wealth of insight with books that predate printing presses while others open our minds to explore all the realms of possibilities.

Florence, Italy

In the city of Florence stands the Laurentian Library. Designed in part by Michelangelo himself, the library is a cultural gem. With a legacy connected to the Medici family, the doors were first opened in 1571. It is famous for having a deep history and is the home of the Nahuatl Florentine Codex that displays texts about the ancient Aztecs before they were charged over.


This library needs no introductions as it is a legend of time. The original library of Alexandria met its demise in 48 BC as it burned in peril. In honor of its many charms, the Bibliotheca Alexandria was built in the same location as its original predecessor. It is noted as one of the most dignified libraries in the world with an awe inspired amount of lavish details. Holding over 8 million books and a space that can accommodate 2,500 readers, it is no wonder why this library is at the top of every list.

Hereford Cathedral Library

Situated in England is a treasure trove of ancient tidings. The library has been dated back to year 1100 with books that predate its host. Shelves are brimming with intrinsic historical thoughts and recordings. In effort to preserve the irreplaceable books, chains and holders are used throughout.

The Temple of Haeinsa

Located on Mount Gaya is a temple that can be visited. The Tripitaka Koreana is a compilation of Buddhist writings that was not written with a traditional ink or parchment. Instead, they were engraved in the mid thirteenth century on blocks made of wood. It is noted that 80,000 blocks are at the temple creating an inspiring collection.

The Temple of Haeinsa library image via Flickr
The Temple of Haeinsa library image via Flickr

Libraries broaden our horizons with expansive knowledge and a historical presence. Book lined shelves invite us to imagine and dream. Taking the time to visit one or all of the worlds greatest libraries is a timeless way to spend your day.

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