Fascinating Museums to Visit This Year

Are you planning on visiting a museum this year? Check out our collection of some interesting museums from across the globe.

Le Louvre, Paris, France

The Louvre is one place you can visit every year and still find something new on each visit. The Museum was formerly a fortress and palace to the medieval kings of France. The museum features the I.M Pei’s pyramid which was unveiled in 1989 as the major entrance to the palace. This pyramid although is a new addition, blends easily with its environment an looks like an original part of the palace.

The Louvre holds a great number of art collections ranging from the period of antiquity to the first quarter of the 19th century. These collections are significant to the world of art, for example, the museum holds the “Venus de Milo, Leanardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and the “Winged Victory of Samothrace.”

The Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

You cannot visit Greece without seeing the Acropolis Museum. From the elegant ground floor that will blow your mind away to the sleek slopes of the Acropolis. The glass floor takes you up to the ancient times where you will set eyed for amazing archaeological excavation.

As you move up the slope, you would find various sanctuaries of worship and the lifestyle of the old Athenian people. You would enjoy more exhibits in the Archaic Gallery where plenty objects attractions are displayed in open light.

Do not fail to check out the frieze of the Parthenon which is placed on the same structure with the actual dimensions of the original cella of the Parthenon. Here you will enjoy the view with accurate details.

The British Museum, London, England

This is the largest museum in Britain, and the museum holds a vast amount of national collection of ethnography and archaeology. You will find over eight million objects here, from exquisite gold and silver jewels, objects from the Assyrian palace, chunks from the Athens’ Parthenon to bones from way back in history.

You will find one of the world’s finest collections of Egyptian antiquities outside of Egypt in the Egyptian section of the museum.

The Prado, Madrid, Spain

The Spanish royal family amassed lots of classical works of arts, and they are all stored in the Prado museum in Madrid. The royal families in Spain are known for the collection of spectacular works of art from Spain and other parts of the world.

You would find favorite Spanish paintings like the Goya, the Ribera, Velazquez, and the Zurbaran. The museum is also famous for its wide collection of Italian and Flemish works of art.

The museum was designed by Juan de Villanueva and opened up for business in 1819 when it was declared open by Fernando VII.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York

Looking for the most extensive museum of art in the western hemisphere? Welcome to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York.

The museum holds over two million collections of antiquities from across the globe. You would find lots of amazing works of art from two centuries ago to the modern times. So parts of the museum are so large that they can break away from the whole v=building and become a standard museum.

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