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The Ancient Japanese Underworld – Part 2

During the birth of Kagutsuchi Izanami received copious burn wounds that eventually caused her to die of illness. Izanagi was distraught when he buried her body atop Mt. Hiba and her spirit travelled from there to the underworld, Yomi-no-kuni. Izanagi grew only more heartbroken as time passed, something had to […]

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Murder at Yusupov Palace – Part 1

For such a large country its quite surprising that Russia’s history pre-World War II isn’t really what you’d call mainstream worldwide. Perhaps it’s because of Russia’s tenuous relationship with the US that this has become the case. We mostly see depictions of a Soviet Russia, communists against the American way […]

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All Roads Lead to Rome – Part 2

The Pantheon The Pantheon was first built around 29-18 BCE, commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the rain of Rome’s first true Emperor, Augustus. Previously a lieutenant to Julius Caesar, Agrippa later helped Augustus seize power, it was him that defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra. He was rewarded with lands in […]

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All Roads Lead to Rome – Part 1

There is simply no denying the importance of the History of the city of Rome, once the home to one of the most world changing empires that we’ve ever known. To this day they are still remarked on as the “bringers of civilisation” to much of Europe. Their reach was […]

Breathtaking Russian Architecture You Must Visit

Breathtaking Russian Architecture You Must Visit

The changing face of Russia over the decades has brought with it many bold and unique architectural styles, some of which are almost lost to the ages whereas others make up the classic skyline of Russia that we still see today. The epic size of the country and prowess of […]

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The Great Corvin Castle

Transylvania has become infamous for homing fiction’s greatest monster, Count Dracula. It’s so tied in with this gothic classic that to place itself almost seems fictional in the minds of its audience and it’s actually a darn shame because Transylvania is filled with beauty and a the rich history of […]