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All Roads Lead to Rome – Part 1

There is simply no denying the importance of the History of the city of Rome, once the home to one of the most world changing empires that we’ve ever known. To this day they are still remarked on as the “bringers of civilisation” to much of Europe. Their reach was […]

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The Great Corvin Castle

Transylvania has become infamous for homing fiction’s greatest monster, Count Dracula. It’s so tied in with this gothic classic that to place itself almost seems fictional in the minds of its audience and it’s actually a darn shame because Transylvania is filled with beauty and a the rich history of […]


The Ancient Mystery of Stonehenge – Part 2

As well as the larger sarsens smaller stones were added called ‘bluestones’. They’re named as such due to their slightly blue tinge when broken or when wet. These stones still remain something of a marvel, having been transported from the Preseli Hills in the south of Wales. There’s no way […]


The Ancient Mystery of Stonehenge – Part 1

For such a relatively small place the British Isles are jam packed with history, from roman ruins to Victorian Palaces there is certainly a plethora of relics for anyone looking to get their fix of the past. Perhaps one of the most mysterious and historic of the nations land marks […]


5 Hidden Non-Touristy Places to Visit This Year

Many people believe that it will take you more than a lifetime to be able to visit all the gems this planet has to offer. There are so many possibilities that finding the perfect vacation place can be quite challenging. There are places that are known all over the globe […]


Amazing Waterfalls to See

Our planet offers amazing landscapes that are definitely worth seeing. Waterfalls are some of the most amazing nature-made monuments that left us without a word for generations. These amazing views gave birth to countless legends and myths and this is one of the reasons why we are still fascinated by […]