Shakespeare’s Home – Part 3

Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall – Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall is an excellent experience for young and old alike. Even without the addition of Shakespeare the building has a fascinating history and played an integral role in Stratford upon Avon’s story. You’ll begin learning about the guildhall, this was the place […]


Shakespeare’s Home – Part 2

The home tells the story of the Shakespeare family who rose from poverty into a reasonable wealth. The most notable character you’ll hear about (besides the main man Bill) is John Shakespeare, Williams father. He was glover by trade, though in is time he also served as an alderman (a […]


Shakespeare’s Home – Part 1

There is no doubt that when it comes to the arts, specifically drama, few have been as influential as the infamous Tudor era playwright, William Shakespeare. It’s a name that has become known the world over for his impressive array of work, from his moving sonnets, to his historic pieces, […]


Where to Find the Greek Myths – Part 3

City of Heroes Though there may be no doubt that Athens is Greece’s most well known city, with its iconic Parthenon and it’s rich history of culture that went on to inspire the western world for years to come. But when it comes to the myths and legends of Ancient […]


Where to Find the Greek Myths – Part 2

Theseus and the Minotaur There are so many exciting tales from the myths and legends of Ancient Greece, heroes and monsters, gods and goddesses, demigods and titans, so many that it almost seems impossible to keep track of them all. Despite this some stories are remembered and retold to this […]


Where to Find the Greek Myths – Part 1

Countries and cultures are defined by their history, often a specific period of it when they were maybe at their most powerful or most influential. We travel to Egypt to see the gigantic pyramids, to India to see the pristine Taj Mahal, to Rome to see the relics of the […]


Top Sites from the American Revolution – Part 2

Boston Freedom Trail – The Boston Freedom Trail is not one but sixteen different sites that lie on a 2.5 mile path that runs through downtown Boston. Each sight holds historical significance, many housing important people and events that would lead to the revolution. You can see the Old South […]

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The Ancient Japanese Underworld – Part 2

During the birth of Kagutsuchi Izanami received copious burn wounds that eventually caused her to die of illness. Izanagi was distraught when he buried her body atop Mt. Hiba and her spirit travelled from there to the underworld, Yomi-no-kuni. Izanagi grew only more heartbroken as time passed, something had to […]

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The Ancient Japanese Underworld – Part 1

Japanese Mythology Mythology and legends are widespread across this world and are full of stories that have stuck with us for thousands of years, many could even be based on stories even older than the oldest we know of. Stories like those of the Greek Gods, the Egyptian Pharos, Gilgamesh, […]