Beautiful Islands to Visit This Year on Holiday

A holiday is the perfect time to relax after a stressful year and forget about all the hard things in life. What better place to do this than a beautiful island. The range of possibilities when choosing the perfect island for your holiday getaway is huge. You can go to a very tropical island, somewhere in the Pacific, or to a jungle resort somewhere near Africa. Either way, the island experience will be unique and of course the best choice if you want to completely relax and forget about stress. But choosing the right place to go can be quite challenging due to the vast diversity of places. We have selected some of the best island destinations in order to make your vacation even better.

Island in the Med

Santorini is considered the best island destination in the world. The small island is in Southern Greece and offers amazing experiences. It is one of the favorite honeymoon destinations and there are countless hotels and apartments that are suitable for this purpose. But besides this, the island offers some of the best views of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach enthusiasts have miles of sand and rocky beaches where they can enjoy the water activities. The history fans can explore the ruins of the old city and the foodies will be in heaven here. The cuisine combines the specific Greek food with elements from all over the Mediterranean Sea.

U.S. Islands

Oahu is one of the most popular island destination in the Pacific. The area is very modern and manages to supply the constant demand for accommodation. There are hundreds of giant hotels all over the island but there are also some untouched places if you enjoy the silence more. The area is full of fun opportunities and it is perfect for a family vacation. The weather is perfect all around the year so this can be a suitable destination even during winter.

Hawaii is probably the best-known island in the world. It is one of the best island destinations because it has something to offer to everybody. The weather is perfect all around the year and it is a very good place for a family vacation.

Indonesian Island

Bali is considered by many the traditional island destination. Here you will be able to enjoy the true silence and tranquility of the island life. Locates in Indonesia, Bali is the ultimate island destination even during winter because the weather is hot all around the year. You will be able to enjoy the traditional cuisine while admiring turquoise waves and elephants. The island is well-known for keeping the old culture alive, so this is the perfect place for history and photography enthusiasts.

Island Paradise

Tahiti is the definition of the island paradise. Most of the accommodation places here are over-water bungalows that will provide you the cold breeze during the night and a private tanning spot during the day. Most people say that even the time seems to stop when you sip a cocktail in the shade of one of the palm trees.

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