Beautiful Architecture Spots to See Around the World

Are you intrigued by great architectural masterpiece? Come on board as we take you through some of the most amazing architectural masterpieces across the globe. You will need this list the next time you are looking to hit the road and tour the world. This is not a list of places like the empire state building in New York, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris or even Rome. These are new places where you can have a crazy adventure, take cool pictures and have fun traveling around.

1. Guggenheim Art Museum – Bilbao, Spain

If you have never been to Spain, this is a perfect place for your first visit. Bilbao is quite a busy city with friendly people and nice climate. The urban Spanish city is favorite for its arrays of great food, growing metropolitan center and lots of industries. The Guggenheim Museum of art is a creation of Frank Gehry, a Canadian-American architect popular for is abstract designs. The building is one of the creative structures of modern times. From the outside are the elevations with randomly curved walls finished with titanium. The inside is filled with so much famous art pieces that you will be lost in awe.

2. Hundertwasser House – Vienna, Austria

It is difficult to walk past buildings in Vienna without turning around severally in admiration. The city is filled with museums, cathedrals, and palaces that you would wonder if this part of the world is meant for regular people. One building that will always catch your attention is the Hundertwasser House. The apartment building stands out with its crazy colors, irregular windows, uneven floors, and vegetations growing on the roof.

The building was first designed as an environmental experiment by Hundertwasser, and it turned out to become one of the fascinating spots in the city of Vienna. The building was designed to provide shelter without distorting the environment. That explains the trees growing on the rooftop. The crazy painting was also a cool experiment that turned out pretty cool. You will surely love to lay eyes on this beauty in concrete.

3. Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

This is another place you can’t afford to miss out on whenever you drop by in Asia. If you have heard of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, then you should be here to get an idea of what it looks like. The Gardens by the Bay is a collection of nicely built structures that sits quietly on the waterfronts plus lots of green gardens. This place is usually called the “city in a garden” and is made from greenhouse structures and sustainable trees that form a healthy ecosystem.

You need to see the trees at night! The entire place is lighted up at with beautiful lights that are regularly changed as the lifecycle of the trees change. The place is fitted with other side attractions like restaurants, cafes, and parks. You can bring your entire family and have a great time as this is the place for a holiday.

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