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Four of the World’s Most Famous Libraries

Libraries are much more than books, shelves and weekly crafts for kids. They are paragons of information that are printed with integral value of the writer. Fiction and nonfiction are the two primary classifications you will choose from on your visit. Authors, researchers and experts collaborate intriguing information on a […]


The Mystifying Intrigues of Socotra Island

If you travel 220 distinct miles off of the coast of Yemen, you will enter a world that seems to coexist within ours. As if the Socotra Island was placed here from a science fiction novel, there are a number of extraordinary sites that are exclusive to the region. You […]


The Ancient Sites of Bagan

Spirituality is a soulful journey. It is one that holds depth and meaning within the realms of life. For centuries, experts have unraveled truths beyond modern day belief systems. There are many religions across the world that holds a part of history in its hand. Entire civilizations were built on […]


Travel in Time to Lost Cities

Taking a trip to the past does not always require a DeLorean and a cool pair of sunglasses. Venturing to the Lost Cities of the World offers an experience to turn the pages of time.

Greatest Navy

History of the World’s Greatest Navy – Part 1

The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Recently I was fortunate to be able to travel the British Isles, a place jam packed with histories, stories and interesting people. I should also mention I’m from them. Now this may seem strange, referring to my trip as “travelling”, however many of my fellow citizens […]


The Lofotr Viking Museum

Over a thousand years ago Scandinavia was a place filled with some of histories best known warriors, people that were hardened to the cold and rough terrain, who cut out a life for themselves and thanked their mysterious gods for all that they may receive. These people were the Northmen, […]


Visiting the Locations of Game of Thrones – Part 3

Northern Ireland isn’t just the base for the Stark family however, in fact many of the locations used throughout Westeros can be found here on this mystic green isle. Of course, not all scenes are filmed on location, as with any big budget production many of them are filmed in […]


Visiting the Locations of Game of Thrones – Part 2

For anyone brave enough to want to venture north of the wall, you want to get yourself over to the frosty depths of Iceland. Many locations across the country have been used to bring this place to life, a frequent favourite amongst these spots however is Hyverfjall volcano. The volcano […]