A Journey to Middle Earth in the Swiss Alps

Nestled deep in rolling hills amidst the Swiss Alps of Switzerland lies the vision of another time. If you look beyond the extravagant views, you will see a nuanced reflection of Middle Earth. Famous author JRR Tolkien created a world full of lush sceneries and adventure. His boundless imagination introduced us to Hobbits who lived in earth side dwellings, the enchantment of the Elves and Dwarves that believe in spoil and splendor. When a dark threat loomed over the Middle Earth kingdoms, Humans and Wizards joined the groups in a journey of perils and bravery.

Followers and fans have often wished for a path that led to Tolkien’s lands. The Set of the book based movie was located in New Zealand where LOTR enthusiasts visit the remains that were left intact after filming. Some of the setting will remind you of specific scenes, yet it resembles the region more than Middle Earth.

Tolkien fans know of the author’s travels through the area of the Swiss Alps. To observe the varying heights of majestic mountain tops and the depths of flowing valleys, it is clear where Tolkien’s inspiration was realized. If you want to tour Middle Earth through Tolkiens eyes, the sites to see will bring your own adventures of the Swiss realms.


The wonders of Rivendell appear to be the same as Lauterbrunnen. Awe inspiring waterfalls gracefully fall while surrounded by miles of towering mountains and rich greenery. Rocky stones and architectures are situated in intervals with a stairway that wraps through them. Interlaken also hosts views linked to Rivendell and is located at the end of Lauterbrunnen.  During your visit, you can’t help but look for the Elves in this magical surrounding.

Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau Mountains

Throughout Tolkien’s tale, there is reference and heroic stands in the Misty mountains. He describes them in detail which would seem to replicate the three peaks found on the end of Lauterbrunnen. In the story, these mountains were traveled across, housed Dwarves and was a place of battle among the fellowship and the nightly creates of Middle Earth.


The narrow and natural path of the river is found in a mile long gorge. Tolkiens heroes ventured down the Sarn Gebir that was eerily enclosed with vast walls in certain parts. They set down the gorge before arriving to Argonath. The author made adamant mention of the region from his 1911 visit. While some places were named, others were described as he envisioned them in his writings.

Just outside of Lauterbrunnen is the Greisinger museum dedicated to the Tolkiens middle Earth. The village of Jenins complements the voyage with a round Hobbit door for their entrance and multiple rooms inside. The museum is said to be the largest tribute to the tale with themed rooms, artifacts and tours. At the end of the day, you will understand the bond of Switzerland’s exquisite sites and Tolkiens illustrious way of turning them into an eternally mystical world.

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