5 Hidden Non-Touristy Places to Visit This Year

Many people believe that it will take you more than a lifetime to be able to visit all the gems this planet has to offer. There are so many possibilities that finding the perfect vacation place can be quite challenging. There are places that are known all over the globe and they have become some of the main touristic destinations. This means that those places have giant hotels and thousands of tourists roaming the streets in search for souvenirs. These places can offer good vacation, but a lot of people want to go somewhere new and untouched, a more quiet place where they can learn about the culture and history of the area. There are many undiscovered jewels all around the world and we have listed 5 of them in order to help you enjoy your vacation in a unique way.


Samarkand is an amazing city located in Uzbekistan. It is considered one of the hidden jewels of Asia. The former market city has some of the most amazing architecture features in the whole area. The city is filled with history and you will see the traces of all the nations that used to trade here. Uzbekistan is by itself a very beautiful and friendly country and Samarkand is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit. There are countless palaces and old buildings that keep the unique atmosphere of this place alive.

Canary Islands

Garajonay Natural Park is one of the marvels of the Canary Island. This amazing place is located in a very hot area and it can be visited all around the year. This unique place has twisted trees that seem to chase the sunlight and delicate beds of flowers. This scenery seems to be taken out directly from a fairy tale story. The place is abundant with life and it is definitely one of the ultimate places to visit for the nature enthusiasts. It has some of the most rare and interesting animal and plant species in the whole region.

Saudi Arabia

Al-Hijr is one of the secret vacation destinations in Saudi Arabia. This archaeological site is formed of more than 100 stone-carved tombs that take 2000 years back. The stone-carved buildings are scattered in the middle of the desert and they are a true marvel of architecture and design. The style of each tomb reflects the period when it was constructed.

Sri Lanka

Dambulla Cave Temple is located in the amazing island of Sri Lanka. This amazing temple is one of the most amazing places of the Buddhist religion. The caves have amazing decorations and the statues of Buddha guard the long corridors of this cave. It is truly an amazing place to visit.


Lviv is one of the most unexpected hidden treasures on this planet. The city is located in Ukraine and it is included in the UNECO World Heritage list. The building of this city tells the story of war and freedom and how perseverance and courage can change the history of a nation.

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