History of the World’s Greatest Navy – Part 2

The Ship itself is housed in a specially conditioned building, the wood is incredibly delicate and so must be protected from natural weathering. What remains is basically just over half of the ship, you can get a good idea of the way it was laid out and of course it’s […]

History of the World’s Greatest Navy – Part 1

The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Recently I was fortunate to be able to travel the British Isles, a place jam packed with histories, stories and interesting people. I should also mention I’m from them. Now this may seem strange, referring to my trip as “travelling”, however many of my fellow citizens […]

The Lofotr Viking Museum

Over a thousand years ago Scandinavia was a place filled with some of histories best known warriors, people that were hardened to the cold and rough terrain, who cut out a life for themselves and thanked their mysterious gods for all that they may receive. These people were the Northmen, […]

Visiting the Locations of Game of Thrones – Part 2

For anyone brave enough to want to venture north of the wall, you want to get yourself over to the frosty depths of Iceland. Many locations across the country have been used to bring this place to life, a frequent favourite amongst these spots however is Hyverfjall volcano. The volcano […]

The Mystical Blarney Castle – Part 2

Everything that we’ve already discussed should be enough to make any historic or cultural enthusiast have the urge to take a trip to Blarney Castle, however we haven’t even touched on its main attraction. Secured within the outer battlements of the castle sits a block of limestone that supposedly contains […]

The Mystical Blarney Castle – Part 1

There is something about Ireland that seems to capture one’s imagination. It’s a land filled with stories of strange faeries, enchanted creatures and giants, a green landscape that still seems like it is inhabited by the same Celtic people that lived there thousands of years ago. In short it somehow […]

The Abu Simbel Temples

Monuments to Pharaoh Ramesses II and Queen Nefertiti History is full of great and powerful leaders who without, we would likely see the world in a very different way to the way we do today. People like Julius Caesar, Mahatma Gandhi and Queen Victoria each made such a huge mark […]

A Journey to Middle Earth in the Swiss Alps

Nestled deep in rolling hills amidst the Swiss Alps of Switzerland lies the vision of another time. If you look beyond the extravagant views, you will see a nuanced reflection of Middle Earth. Famous author JRR Tolkien created a world full of lush sceneries and adventure. His boundless imagination introduced […]